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online learning

Blood, sweat (but no tears) in Stanford HumBio class

By R.F. McKay

April 30, 2013

Podcasts by students, followed by action videos, make exercise physiology real, very real.

Anne Friedlander's teaching assistant Corey Dysick not only donated his body to science, he donated it to the cause of online learning, a twin accomplishment that by rights should earn the former Stanford pole-vaulter and decathlete some sort of medal.

Online's range getting wider and deeper as Stanford's course offerings take advantage of new technology


March 25, 2013

As new MOOCs are made available to the world at large, professors innovate on campus to make Stanford-only courses more exciting and effective.

Around 20 Stanford courses will be taught entirely or partially online this spring. According to the university's Office of the Vice Provost for Online Learning, some courses have been taught before, others are brand new; some are entirely for public consumption, while others are reserved for on-campus students.

As learning goes digital, big data can guide us


February 18, 2013

In a keynote address, Roy Pea points to the necessary marriage between learning sciences and learning analytics

"Fear and trepidation" are stalking the educational landscape, according to Roy Pea, who stood at the podium with an awful green monster projected on the slide behind him. It's MOOC hysteriashowing at a school near you: "Something New in Shock-Thriller Education."

Higher education grapples with accreditation in the digital age


February 13th, 2013

At a recent forum sponsored by Stanford's Graduate School of Education, innovators and experts discussed credits and accountability as online learning and societal shifts transform education.

Just as the online learning revolution is taking off, hurtling into the infinite cloud, the world of higher education is struggling to better measure learning. That struggle is all the more urgent as college costs soar and ambitious new providers promise digital delivery that may upend traditional college education.

Ed School MOOC attracts 40,000 participants — and questions from Stanford students

By Mandy Erickson

February 5, 2012

GSE professor Dan McFarland wins kudos for his first “MOOC,” but sees need for improvement

Becca Constantine, a student in Stanford’s Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies (POLS) master’s program, was keenly interested in education professor Dan McFarland’s MOOC experiment.


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