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Stanford OpenEdX

In her research and in a new online course, Stanford scholar delves into the secrets of medieval texts

Digital tools, including a free, public online manuscript training course, are allowing English professor and medieval manuscript scholar Elaine Treharne to share her expertise well beyond traditional classroom walls. 


Stanford Online courses from all parts of campus are reaching millions of learners globally

Stanford's online learning initiative is growing at a fast pace and the university is looking far beyond the MOOC at how to best educate students in the 21st century. A new report highlights accomplishments in 2013 and eyes the future of research-driven innovation.

By Clifton B. Parker

Stanford and Carnegie team up to launch online forest monitoring course

Powerful software developed by the Carnegie Institution for Science is now available at no cost to people who complete a training course hosted by Stanford Online.

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Stanford online coursework to be available on new open-source platform

By Brad Hayward

June 11, 2013

As part of its effort to promote expanded access to high-quality online learning opportunities around the world, Stanford helps launch the OpenEdX open-source platform and begins offering summer coursework on it.

Stanford online coursework will be available starting this summer on a new open-source platform, OpenEdX, the university announced today.

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