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Collaborative Decision-Making and Negotiation

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In this course, we will extend the decision quality model to multi-party decisions. We will address two kinds of decisions: decisions made in competition (game theory) and decisions made with collaboration (negotiation). In multi-party situations, differences in framing, information, and preferences provide the opportunity to jointly create greater value and reach a win-win solution. "Full, Open, Truthful Exchange" (FOTE) is a powerful frame to understand the joint value-creation opportunity. However, the tactics of information sharing, a relationship versus transaction frame, threat positions, and the negotiation process often define what share of the value each party will receive. The course will address both analytical and behavioral aspects of multi-party decisions.


It is recommended that you take the two required courses Decision Quality(XSDR120) and Decision Analysis(XSDR122) first as part of the StanfordSDRM certificate program. If you plan to take these required courses online, we suggest you begin with Decision Quality.

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