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Computer and Network Security

Computer and Network Security


Computer systems security is arguably one of the most critical computer science issues today. Learn how to defend against various attack techniques and build reliable and secure code. Become an authority on privacy and digital rights management; and learn how to protect networks from harmful viruses and threats. Course projects will focus on building reliable code.


  • Dan Boneh Professor of Computer ScienceStanford University
  • John Mitchell Professor of Computer ScienceStanford University

Topics Include

  • Network attacks and defenses
  • Operating system security
  • Application security (web, apps, databases)
  • Malware, privacy, and security for mobile devices




  • Understanding of operating systems, networking protocols, and a basic understanding of programming languages. Programming projects will be done in C, JavaScript, and PHP, but other languages may be needed.
  • Principles of Computer Systems (Stanford Course: CS110)


Working knowledge of basic Unix

Tuesday, April 4, 2017