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Genomics and Other Omics: The Comprehensive Essentials

Genomics and Other Omics: The Comprehensive Essentials

This course is offered by the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

Genetics and genomics are undergoing an unparalleled revolution. A better understanding of biology and human health can create breakthroughs in disease treatment and introduces the prospect of personalized medicine. This course will begin with an introduction and review of the general principles of genomics and molecular biology. You will then explore in detail the key genomic technologies and computational approaches that are driving advances in prognostics, diagnostics, and treatment. Learn how scientists sequence, assemble, and analyze the function and structure of genomes. Explore methods for determining the heritability of traits & diseases by studying the larger population, and learn how gene identification can help identify targets for therapeutic intervention. Explore how you could use personal genomics to manage your health.

This course is the required second course in the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate.


Learning outcomes: 
  • The principles of genetics, genes and traits
  • The applications and implications of genome sequencing
  • How personal genomics might impact healthcare
  • Tools used to diagnose and treat diseases
  • Methods for determining the heritability of traits and diseases
Course topic: