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Energy Storage

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Energy Storage has become a crucial factor in modern society, due to climate change and global sustainability.  From portable electronics to large scale power grids, this course examines the wide range of applications for both grid electricity storage and batteries, two examples of energy technologies that are important in everyday life as well as their potential applications in future devices.

In this class you will learn about the latest innovations and research in energy storage. You will explore the principals of batteries as well as their real and potential applications in a variety of products. Finally, you will be given an overview of each method of grid electricity storage and their possible technological applications.

Enrollment: Application and Fee Apply.

You Will Learn

  • Battery applications and parameters
  • Grid electricity storage and technologies
  • Power generation supply and demand
  • Chemical components and marketing of different types of batteries
  • Battery safety


  • Yi Cui ProfessorMaterials Science and Engineering
  • Matt Kanan ProfessorMaterials Science and Engineering

Topics Include

  • Performance advantages and disadvantages of lead acid batteries
  • Inadequacy of existing technologies
  • Next generation of li-based batteries


  • $249 per online course


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