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Public Forum -- the art and science of online learning environments

There has been a great deal of discussion about the promise and problems of online learning – less about the subtlety of building online learning environment that are scientifically sound, productive of learning, and pleasurable to experience. This panel brings two international leaders in this field into a dialogue about the technical and creative skills required to craft meaningful learning environments online.


Public Forum -- is higher education a business?

The number and variety of parties providing higher education services have exploded in recent years. With a wide array of new and often online options, college seekers need no longer assume that they will enroll on an ivy-trimmed physical campus. Nor can they assume that their private college is a tax-exempt organization. This panel will explore what this newly entrepreneurial higher education means for students, parents, academic professionals, and the legacy of higher education as a public good.


Happy Birthday, Stanford Online!

Please join us to celebrate our first year of life and recognize your contributions to it. We will hear remarks from Vice Provost John Mitchell, and then have an open discussion of what worked, what surprised us, and what we might do together next. 

Drinks for grownups, cupcakes for children -- all are welcome!


Faculty Panel: Research Opportunities in Online and Blended Learning

As you know there has been a great deal of new activity with online learning this year at Stanford. Many of our conversations to date have focused on teaching and course production questions and insights. In our next discussion we turn the focus to the research opportunities made possible by massive new data generated in online and blended learning platforms.


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