Bing Programs

Bing Programs

BOSP Spring Quarter Participants

In response to the rapidly evolving events surrounding COVID-19 and out of concern for the health and safety of our community, Stanford University is suspending all BOSP spring quarter programs scheduled to take place outside of the United States.

This decision follows the recent recommendation made by the University for all members of the community to reconsider any international travel plans. In addition to the spread of the virus itself, students may face unpredictable circumstances overseas during the spring quarter, including accessing health care while abroad, navigating disruptions to local services, and the potential for travel interruptions or restrictions. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has also issued guidance this week for institutes of higher education to consider suspending or postponing study abroad programs.

For additional information and current updates please refer to the Bing Overseas Program website

Getting Started

(Not applicable to Spring Quarter 2020)

Step 1:

Please check the approved School of Engineering course list for courses that can be taken at a distance while studying at a BOSP center or BSIW center. Due to technical limitations, this option is not available for students based in Australia, CASB and KCJS.

Step 2:

Login to your Axess account at the following login page.

Step 3:

Add one of the approved School of Engineering courses to your Axess study list. Please select a course from the approved course list.

Step 4:

Create a mystanfordconnection account via the Stanford Online website student login page.

Step 5:

Complete the information in each listed section. For Telephone/Fax, use the center phone number if you do not have a local number (BOSP only). For Address, use your BOSP or BSIW center address which can be found on the BOSP website or BSIW website.

Step 6:

Create a User ID and Password.

  • It is very important to remember your username and password for future use.
  • It is suggested that you check the availability of your selected username.
  • Your password must be a minimum of seven (7) characters and contain both alpha and numeric characters.

Step 7:

Once you have created an account, email your full name, SUID, study location and course choice to (for BOSP) or (for BSIW). A coordinator will add the course to your mystanfordconnection account. Please research your choice carefully; review the course description and video. You will not be able to "shop" classes. Your course choice will be considered as final.

Exam Monitor

What is an Exam Monitor?

As a student taking a Stanford Engineering course remotely through the Bing Overseas Studies Program or Bing Stanford in Washington, you will need to designate an exam monitor located at your study center. This monitor will administer and submit your completed exams to the university for grading. Consistent with the Stanford honor code, an exam monitor is not a proctor. As would occur on campus, the exam monitor assures that there is a suitable space and any necessary materials available for you to complete your exam at a pre-designated time.

How do I nominate an Exam Monitor?

You may nominate an exam monitor at your study center as follows:

  • An exam monitor will be available for you to select and use based on your BOSP or BSIW Center. To select an exam monitor please login to mystanfordconnection.
  • Click on the red "mystanfordconnection Login" tab at the top of the page.
  • Once logged in, select the option "Exam Monitors" located on the right menu.
  • You can nominate a new exam monitor through this section. Once your exam monitor has been verified and approved, you will be able to link your exam monitor with your course. Select the option "Exams" located on the right menu after your exam monitor has been nominated.
  • The Exams section will allow you to link the exam monitor you will be using for your course.

Course Access

Online Course Tips

  • When enrolling in your course in Axess, make note of all dates and details as well as course expectations and requirements as outlined by the instructor.
  • At the start of the course, let the faculty know that you are taking the course remotely, your location, and the time zone difference.
  • As soon as you know, and at least two weeks in advance, let the teaching team know of any local holidays or BOSP or BSIW trips that might require accommodation for the taking of exams.To give you more flexibility, course videos may be downloaded to your computer or mobile device for viewing. You do not have to be connected to the Internet.
  • Remember, you are taking a Stanford course at a distance and need to view course lectures, complete homework assignments, participate in projects, and take exams according to the deadlines—the same as if you were taking the course on campus.

Course Videos

  1. To access your account you may enter through the main website.
  2. Click on the "mystanfordconnection Login" tab at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your User ID name and password and click on the "LOGIN" button. After logging-in, you will be able to access your course materials securely from this site.
  4. Once you log in, you will see your mystanfordconnection "current courses" page which will list the School of Engineering course you filed through your Axess study list. You can view the course by selecting "Online videos".
  5. The Terms and Conditions Page will load … Click on "I Agree".
  6. Your course page will load. Click on the "Watch Now" option to view your course lectures.

Homework & Assignments

Students may have to submit assignments directly to the course teaching team, through an online method, or to the SCPD distribution office. Please review your course’s syllabus or contact your course teaching team within the first week to ensure you understand the submission requirements for your course. If your course requires you to submit your homework via the SCPD distribution office, please follow the instructions below.

Submitting to SCPD Distribution Office:

  1. Email a PDF or word document to
    Please make sure you attach the Assignment Route Form with each assignment.
  2. Upon receipt, the distribution office will review the submission and verify that it is legible. We will reach out to students if the assignment needs to be resubmitted. The original timestamp will be used for submissions that are complete but need to be submitted again for illegibility.
    The student will receive an email confirmation that the submission is approved.
  3. Once approved, submissions are time stamped and sent to the course teaching team for grading.
  4. Graded homework assignments will be returned to students by the course teaching team or the distribution office. The distribution office will use the email that is provided on your mystanfordconnection account to return any graded materials.