Welcome RTX Employees!

Advance your career at RTX with Stanford education that directly applies to your work.

 Attention legacy Raytheon employees: please email Jon Notman at scpd-information@stanford.edu for information on how to apply. 

Getting Started

Step 1: Sign Up

Create a free mystanfordconnection account, and make sure to note your employer when filling out the “Employment Information” section of your account profile.

With this account, you can view free seminars and webinars, access your applications, enroll in courses, and view the lecture videos.

Step 2: Use Your Education Benefits

Contact your HR/Education coordinator to discuss company’s education benefits and tuition reimbursement policies. SCPD will require voucher approval upon enrollment.

For detailed and current pricing information please visit our Tuition & Fees page.

Step 3: Submit an Application and Select a Course

Submit an application to take individual courses for credit and required materials.

Search for available courses. To find out about a specific course, certificate or degree,  contact the department enrollment advisors.

When enrolling, please choose “Other Method” for payment and then choose “Company Voucher”. Once you have submitted your application and enrollment request, please email the approved voucher to scpd-information@stanford.edu

For all other enrollment or application related questions, please contact the SCPD Student and Client Services team.

Stanford Campus

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