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Behind and Beyond Big Data (Summer '17)

Monday, June 12, 2017
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Starts online June 12, 2017

At Stanford July 25-28, 2017

How is big data transforming our world and changing business, government, and civil society? Discover, through an interdisciplinary lens, how big data is creating new knowledge and value, as well as new privacy and security challenges. Start learning online and then come to Stanford for a three-day, immersive experience. On campus, you’ll interact with Stanford and Silicon Valley experts, explore a range of applications, and collaborate on case studies. (Application and fee apply.)


What's driving big data? We increasingly live our social, economic, and intellectual lives in the digital realm, enabled by new tools and technologies. These activities generate massive data sets, which in turn refine the tools. How will this co-evolution of technology and data reshape society more broadly?

Creating new knowledge and value: Big data changes what can be known about the world, transforming science, industries, and culture in the process. It reveals solutions to social problems and allows products and services to be even more targeted. Where will big data create the greatest sources of new understanding and new value?

Shifting power, security, and privacy: The promise of big data is accompanied by perils—in terms of control, privacy, security, reputation, and social and economic disruption. How will we manage these tradeoffs individually and in business, government, and civil society?


Lucy Bernholz, philanthropy, technology, and policy scholar at the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society

Sharad Goel, computational scientist studying politics, media, and social networks

Jennifer Granick, attorney and director of Civil Liberties at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society

Michal Kosinski, psychologist and computational scientist studying online and organizational behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business

Margaret Levi, political scientist specializing in governance, trust, and legitimacy

John Mitchell, computer scientist, cybersecurity expert, and Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning


Applications open: NOW

Start online: June 12, 2017

Come to Stanford: July 25-28, 2017

Online content closes: September 4, 2017

Early Registration
Discount, 10%
(ends May 15, 2017)

Early Registration, 10%
Alum/Non-Profit/Gov, 15% 
(ends May 15, 2017)

Team Discount, 10%(each)
For 3 or more people attending together.

Standard Fee

Standard Alum/Non-Profit/Gov Discount, 15%

All discounts will be applied during registration.




This course is offered through Worldview Stanford, which creates interdisciplinary media and learning experiences to engage and inform the public.

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