Analysis of Structures


Stanford School of Engineering



Structural design is critical to aircraft safety and also plays a key role in aircraft cost and performance. The demands and requirements for new aircrafts have multiplied, with increasing expectations of greater endurance, higher damage tolerance capability and higher corrosion resistance.

This course covers the fundamentals of the structural design of aircraft. Gain a basic understanding of how primary loads are distributed throughout a structure and the design principles that help accurately estimate the load the aircraft can carry while avoiding overdesign.


Intro to Solid Mechanics (Stanford Course: ENGR 14) or equivalent

Topics include

  • Elements of two-dimensional elasticity theory
  • Analyses of solid and thin walled section beams
  • Trusses, frames, and rings
  • Boundary value problems
  • Energy methods
  • Monocoque and semimonocoque structures

Note on Course Availability

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