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Biotechnology: Advances in Biotechnology


From personalized medicine, disease detection, and other cutting-edge medical advances, biotechnology is revolutionizing both the study and application of healthcare and neuroscience. This broad area of biology involves studying living systems and organisms to develop technologies and products that help improve lives and the health of our planet. In this engaging course, you will learn from both Stanford faculty and industry leaders as they share their expertise on a range of topics related to biotechnology. Each one-hour talk will include background about the subject area and in-depth information about cutting-edge research and/or personal case studies. If you are interested in a career in biotechnology, this course will open your eyes to a wide range of applications.


Speakers this quarter include Dr. David Miklos, Stanford Blood & Marrow Transplantation Medicine; Professor Justin Cooper-White, Australian Institute for Bioengineering & Nanotechnology; Professor Annabelle Singer, Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech & Emory School of Medicine; and Professor Emma Lundberg, Department of Bioengineering, Stanford School of Medicine.


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Please note that this course is cross listed with CHEMENG450

What you will learn

  • Which cutting-edge tools are used in biosciences research
  • What fields in biotechnology are taking off
  • How to vet and invest in biotechnology start-ups
  • The science behind specific biotech advances

Topics include

  • The CRISPR Toolbox: Synthetic Genomics and Cell Engineering
  • Plasma Therapy for Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Bioengineering Approaches to Stem Cell Biology
  • Vetting and Investing in Biotechnology Start-Ups in Silicon Valley
  • A Novel Treatment for Heroin Addiction
  • Understanding and Engineering the Microbiome


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