Principles of Pharmacogenomics


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This introduction to pharmacology and genomics provides experimental and analytical methods for high-throughput measurements. A review of key gene classes, drugs for which genetics is critical and resources for pharmacogenomics will be discussed and analyzed. Explore issues in the clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics testing and read key papers by leaders in the field. There will be problem sets and a final project selected with approval of the instructor.

Please note: this is an online-only course, lectures will not take place on campus.


  • Russ Altman


Two of BIO41, 42, 43, 44X, 44Y or consent of instructor

Topics include

  • Key gene classes such as cytochromes and transporters
  • Pharmacogenomics resources: PharmGKB, Drugbank and NCBI
  • Key drugs: Warfarin, Clopidogrel, Statins and cancer drugs
  • Experimental methods: Sequencing, expression and genotyping

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015 Winter 2018-19 Online

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