Biochemical Engineering


Stanford School of Engineering


Combine essential chemical engineering concepts and biological principles to address the needs of the biotech industry. The production of protein pharmaceuticals will be used as a paradigm to investigate recombinant DNA technology, synthetic biology and metabolic engineering. Develop processes and effective solutions to navigate biobusiness and regulatory issues.

Note that this course is crosslisted with CHEMENG150


CHEMENG181 or BIOSCI41 or equivalent

Topics include

  • Quantitative biochemistry and cellular physiology
  • Elemental stoichiometry of metabolism
  • Fermentation development and control
  • Product isolation and purification
  • Protein folding and formulation


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001 Winter 2020-21 Online

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Dates:January 11 - March 19, 2021
Units: 3.00
Instructors: James Swartz
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For Credit $4,056.00
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