Object-Oriented Systems Design


Stanford School of Engineering



There are many benefits of object-oriented programming (OOP) including faster development, reusability, and decreased maintenance costs. OOP ties a set of data to a set of behaviors and provides a greater sense of context for data.

This course is designed to strengthen a student's programming ability through several large and interesting programming projects. Students will be taught how to find information on their own and find solutions using available documentation to encourage programming confidence in industry. The course covers object-oriented principles and provides a broad exposure to programming areas such as multi-threaded programs, communication between processes and interacting with databases. Students should expect a project component within this course.


CS107 or equivalent

Topics include

  • Java review and unit testing
  • Android programming
  • Encapsulation and inheritance
  • Programming with threads
  • Software development and engineering strategies
  • Approaches to programming in teams

Course grades will be based on individual assignments and a group project at the end of the quarter.

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