Mathematical Methods for Robotics, Vision, & Graphics


Stanford School of Engineering



Research in robotics, vision and graphics requires a good grasp of continuous mathematics and its application to the robotics field. Learn key approximation issues associated with using floating-point numbers (as opposed to integers) in numerical algorithms. Explore issues associated with designing, implementing and using numerical algorithms to solve equations in fields that manipulate models of the real world.


MATH51 or equivalents, and

Programming Abstractions
(Stanford Course:CS106B)
Or Programming Abstrations: Accelerated
(Stanford Course:CS106X)

Topics include

  • Linear algebra
  • Conjugate gradient method
  • Ordinary and partial differential equations
  • Vector and tensor calculus

Note on Course Availability

The course schedule is displayed for planning purposes – courses can be modified, changed, or cancelled. Course availability will be considered finalized on the first day of open enrollment. For quarterly enrollment dates, please refer to our graduate certificate homepage.