Programming Languages


Stanford School of Engineering



There is tremendous diversity in computer programming languages, and new languages are often created to solve new problems and fix old problems.

This course covers the basic concepts and design tradeoffs of programming languages. Examine different languages and compare their properties as well as the cost-benefits of different implementations. The first half of the course focuses on functions, types, scope, storage management, exceptions, and continuations. The second half covers object-oriented features and concurrency.


  • Will Crichton


CS107, or experience with Lisp, C, and an object-oriented language.

Topics include

  • Language design trade-offs
  • Implementation considerations
  • Functional, imperative and object-oriented paradigms
  • Formal semantic methods and program analysis
  • Higher order functions and closures
  • Runtime support for language features
  • Security issues

Note on Course Availability

This course is typically offered Autumn quarter.

The course schedule is displayed for planning purposes – courses can be modified, changed, or cancelled. Course availability will be considered finalized on the first day of open enrollment. For quarterly enrollment dates, please refer to our graduate certificate homepage.