Write a Novel in a Month: No Critics, No Fear


Stanford Continuing Studies



Is it possible to write a novel in a month? With a healthy dose of determination and the support of this course: yes. In the five weeks of this course, we will set out together to write a short novel, with the goal of getting from start to finish, going with the flow of our creativity, knowing that we will need to revise later on. Students won’t post the majority of their writing, but there will be a daily accountability thread and the option of joining small groups to share as much as your small group wishes for support and light feedback.

Course Goals:

  • Build a daily writing practice
  • Capitalize on bursts of high inspiration
  • Learn to work through times of low inspiration
  • Learn to follow your writing’s cues
  • Write 1667 words every day (on average) during the month
  • Finish a novel

The secret to a writing practice--the secret that we hope this month will underline for you--is that there is not some magical plane of enlightenment from which writing occurs. Writing happens when you write.

Date(s): May 7—June 8

Duration: 5 weeks

Tuition: $330


  • Scott Hutchins, Former Stegner Fellow; Jones and Draper Lecturer in Creative Writing, Stanford; Online Writing and Certificate Program Curriculum Coordinator, Stanford Continuing Studies
  • Malena Watrous, Former Stegner Fellow, Stanford; Online Writing Lead Instructor, Stanford Continuing Studies