Drawing Inspiration: Developing a Creative Practice


Stanford Continuing Studies



From 40,000-year-old cave paintings to the latest digital symbols on our phones, making marks and images—drawing—is a fundamental form of communication and creativity. As children, we have an innate ability to access creativity through drawing, but as we get older we learn to judge what we do (usually harshly) and to leave art to the “experts.” Many people find themselves cut off from their own creativity. This course is designed to reignite a capacity for creativity through an exploration of drawing.


  • To bring creativity into ordinary, everyday life
  • To develop a regular drawing habit as an outlet for creativity
  • To take part in a supportive online community of artists
  • To enjoy the challenging and nuanced process of drawing

The heart of this online course is a daily drawing prompt that can be responded to anywhere with minimal supplies. Unlike a studio course, our focus is not on learning to draw or gaining technical proficiency; instead it is about the process of drawing and how it can support creativity in our lives.

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