Diet and Gene Expression: You Are What You Eat


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Diet and Gene Expression: You Are What You Eat


We tend to think that good genes make us thin and healthy, while bad genes make us fat and sick. But what if we could turn our “good” genes on and our “bad” genes off, and improve our overall health by making the right dietary and lifestyle choices? The science of epigenetics suggests we can do just that. In this course, we will provide an introduction to epigenetics, the study of how lifestyle factors can change gene activity without actually modifying the underlying DNA. With that basic foundation in place, students will discover how food is a powerful signal to our genes that can have a positive impact on our metabolism, longevity, and mental well-being.

You Will

  • Examine how gene expression can be modified by certain nutrients and bioactive food compounds.
  • Assess ways in which environmental toxins can induce epigenetic alterations.
  • Evaluate the molecular basis and practical applications of nutrigenetics.


Lucia Aronica, Lecturer, Stanford Prevention Research Center



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