Business Writing in English: The Finer Points


Stanford Continuing Studies


Effective business writing is an important skill for achieving personal and organizational success. This online writing course will help advanced non-native speakers of English explore and practice the types of writing common to American business situations. Example texts may include evaluative documents such as self-assessments or annual reviews of others, and email requests for meetings and deadline extensions. Emphasis will be placed on advanced vocabulary choice, advanced grammar topics, and concise expression of complex ideas.

Course Goals:

  • Review salutations, politeness and advanced email etiquette.
  • Learn how to deal with problems, letters and memos.
  • Review paraphrasing, advanced prepositions, hypotheticals, emojis and other paralinguistic writing.
  • Produce at least two short written texts as well as two drafts of a longer assignments on a topic of your choice.

This online course gives students an opportunity to get personalized feedback on set assignments as well as on texts specific to their own situation. They will also participate in peer review and collaborative exercises focusing on written expression that fits the cultural norms of the American workplace.