Artful Design: How We Shape Technology and How Technology Shapes Us


Stanford Continuing Studies

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What does it mean to shape technology artfully and ethically? How might we fashion products that lead to richer and more meaningful forms of life? In this course, we will unpack the role of design in human life and consider artful design, a multidisciplinary fusion of engineering, philosophy, ethics, and art. Rather than relying on a deficits model—in which we figure out what is missing and design physical and nonphysical objects to fill that need—artful design aims to fashion things that help us flourish, and flourish together.

What you will learn

  • About the craft and philosophies of artful (and not-so-artful) design of everyday objects
  • To examine how these objects are designed and how they, in turn, shape our society and ourselves
  • To clearly and critically view our technology-drenched human world and to exercise your ethical, artful imagination in search of a gentler one

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