Establishing a Creative Writing Practice


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Establishing a Creative Writing Practice


The benefits of creativity are enormous. Engaging in creative activity lightens our hearts, sharpens our senses, and helps us make peace with our experiences. But all too often we don’t prioritize creative activity, either because we have internalized messages that we aren’t good enough or because life’s demands have gotten in the way. The good news is that it is easy to build a creative habit; creative writing requires no special equipment and can be done almost anytime, anywhere, by anyone, and throughout your life. This course will combine daily writing prompts with inspiring information about why and how to make creativity a part of your solitary time, your family life, and your work life.


You Will:

  • Try fiction, nonfiction, and poetry and will get to play with craft in each genre.
  • Learn about growth mindsets, embracing mistakes, and the reasons neuroscience urges us to give up perfectionism.
  • Develop the skills, techniques, and habits of mind needed to maintain a regular creative writing practice.
001 Summer 2019-20 Online, Canvas

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Dates:June 22 - July 25, 2020
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Online Course $345.00

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