Black Activists and the Fight Against Slavery


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Black Activists and the Fight Against Slavery


Many activists in the 19th-century fight against slavery were themselves currently or formerly enslaved Americans. Andy Hammann, Stanford lecturer in American history, will take us through several aspects of their prolonged fight: African Americans who self-emancipated via the Underground Railroad; clandestine (“maroon”) communities in the South; narratives of enslavement such as Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girlby Harriet Jacobs; antislavery newspapers such as Frederick Douglass’s The North Star; organizations like the American Anti-Slavery Society; and much more.

What you will learn

  • The history of enslaved African Americans’ fight for emancipation by studying primary sources
  • The connections between the historical battle against slavery and the current Black Lives Matter movement
  • To understand what it was like to fight against slavery in a society that repeatedly affirmed and defended its legality


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Dates:January 26 - March 2, 2021
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