DNA Demystified: Genetic Strategies for Improving Your Health


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 DNA Demystified: Genetic Strategies for Improving Your Health


How does genetics affect our health? Can advances in genomics change our ability to prevent disease? And how can expanding our knowledge of genetics help us protect our own health and the health of our children and loved ones?
This course will begin with a brief history of human genetics and a review of basic molecular genetics. From there, we will learn about the role of genetics in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease throughout the lifecycle—from the pre pregnancy and prenatal periods, through adulthood, and into old age. Along the way, we will discuss the value and limits of genetic testing (offered by doctors or direct-to-consumer services like 23andMe) to identify risk for Down syndrome, autism, asthma, cancer, diabetes, mental illness, and other conditions.

You Will

  • Explore how genetic mutations can be transmitted in families and various ethnic groups
  • Examine how environmental influences can have genetic repercussions
  • Learn how lifestyle choices may counteract harmful genetic mutations and help restore our health
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