The Fourier Transform and Its Applications


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The Fourier transform is both a theory and a mathematical tool with many applications in engineering and science. This course will emphasize relating the theoretical principles of the Fourier transform to solving practical engineering and science problems. Learn both specific techniques and general principles of the theory and develop the ability to recognize when, why, and how it is used. Develop a greater appreciation of its meaning and value through practical use of the transform.



Math through ODEs, basic linear algebra, comfort with sums and discrete signals, Fourier series at the level of EE102A

Topics include

  • The Fourier transform of continuous and discrete signals
  • Convolution and correlations
  • Distributions and their Fourier transforms
  • Linear systems
  • The discrete Fourier transform and the FFT algorithm
  • Use in imaging, optics and crystallography

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065 Winter 2018-19 Online

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Dates:January 7 - March 15, 2019
Days: Mon, Wed, Fri
Times:11:30 am - 12:20 pm
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Instructors: Brad G. Osgood
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Enrollment Dates: October 28 to December 10, 2018

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