Battery Systems for Transportation and Grid Services


Stanford School of Engineering

Electrical Engineering: Battery Systems for Transportation and Grid Services


In recent years, battery systems have dramatically improved due to innovations in electrochemistry, materials, cell and battery pack design, modeling and control algorithms, and power electronics. This course provides an introduction to the design, modeling, analysis, and operation of battery systems for transportation and grid services. The first section of the course will introduce the key building blocks of battery systems. In the second section, experts from national labs will discuss thermal management and safety issues in battery systems. In the third section, industry experts will provide an overview of use cases and critical concerns for battery systems in electric vehicles and the grid, including economic and lifecycle value. The course provides a holistic view of the subject to those planning to research, design, analyze, model or just learn about battery systems. The course is intended for graduate students in engineering or related disciplines, and engineers in industry.

EE292X can be taken for 1 unit (Credit/no Credit) for attending seminars, or for 3 units (letter grade only) for also doing an optional project.

Topics include

  • Battery system design specifications
  • Battery cell design
  • Battery cell modeling
  • Battery management systems (BMS)
  • Battery degradation modeling and health-conscious control
  • Power electronics interfaces
  • Battery system thermal management
  • Battery system safety
  • Battery system design for EVs
  • EV charging networks
  • Battery systems for the grid
  • Battery life cycle value

Guest Speakers

  • Simona Onari, Stanford
  • Will Chueh, Stanford
  • Gregory Plett, UCCS
  • Hosam Fathy, UMD
  • Juan Rivas, Stanford
  • Robert Spotnitz, Battery Design LLC
  • Josh Lamb, Sandia Labs
  • Matt Keyser, NREL
  • Paul Karplus, Waymo
  • Ivo Steklac, EVGo
  • Robert Entriken, EPRI
  • Haresh Kamath, EPRI
  • Sunil Chhaya, EPRI
  • Sally Benson, Stanford


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