Advanced Integrated Circuits Technology


Stanford School of Engineering



Explore the practical and fundamental limits to the evolution of modern MOS devices and circuit technology. Learn about advanced devices and process technology for silicon manufacturing. Gain exposure to current and future IC devices and interconnects technology. Predict future devices and materials that will enable progress in integrated electronics and guide industry innovation.


Principles and Models of Semiconductor Devices (Stanford Course: EE216) or equivalent

Topics include

  • Effects of device scaling on device and circuit performance
  • Low resistance contacts to nanoscale devices
  • Future technology evolution such as SOI, nanowires and graphene
  • Interconnect technology such as metal interconnects and low-k dielectrics
  • 3D heterogeneous integration

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021 Spring 2017-18 Online

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Dates:April 3 - June 5, 2018
Days: Tue, Thu
Times:03:00 pm - 04:20 pm
Units: 3.00
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Enrollment Dates: February 11 to March 19, 2018