Meta-research: Appraising Research Findings, Bias, and Meta-analysis


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Meta-research: Appraising Research Findings, Bias, and Meta-analysis


The course comprises two complementary tracks that run in parallel and reinforce each other. The first track addresses meta-research and the empirical study of science and research practices in large-scale. The second track of the course covers the main methods of evidence synthesis, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, with the aim of making students capable of performing competent systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The course includes the generation of a meta-research project or reworking and evaluating an existing published meta-analysis.

This class is credit/no credit. For it to count towards the certificate, you must earn credit.

NOTE: This course updated its course number from HRP206

What you will learn

  • How to appraise the quality and credibility of research findings
  • How to evaluate sources of bias
  • How to use meta-analysis as a quantitative (statistical) method


A minimum knowledge of basic statistics and familiarity with R is strongly recommended (alternatively students should be able to use some other software for meta-analysis).

Topics include


  • Inference methods in scientific investigation
  • Principles of evidence
  • Statistical significance and other types of significance
  • Assessment of the credibility of evidence
  • Optimal study designs for obtaining reliable evidence
  • Optimal design, reporting, conduct, review of scientific investigations

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis

  • An overview of evidence synthesis
  • Systematic literature review methods
  • The basics of meta-analysis methods
  • Advanced meta-analysis topics

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