Introduction to Epidemiologic and Clinical Research Methods


Stanford School of Medicine

Introduction to Epidemiologic and Clinical Research Methods


This course presents an overview of the methodology that guides epidemiological and clinical research. Students explore common study designs, precision and accuracy in measurement, sample size estimation and tools, ways to identify and minimize study biases, and analysis and critique of studies. Epidemiologists and clinical researchers gain a strong foundation in research methodology principles for designing, conducting, and interpreting epidemiological and clinical research studies.

NOTE: This course updated its course number from HRP225


None. Basic knowledge of statistics is helpful but not required.

Topics include

  • The research question
  • Common study designs
  • Sampling methods
  • Reliability and validity of measurements
  • Measures of disease frequency
  • Measures of association
  • Sample size estimation
  • Sources of bias
  • Systematic critique
  • Diagnostic tests and screening studies

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