Practical Approaches to Global Health Research


Stanford School of Medicine

Practical Approaches to Global Health Research


Creating a health research study in an under-resourced country requires extra support and attention to detail. This course takes students through the process of health research including the development of the initial research question, literature review, securing support, and detailed planning for field work. You will learn necessary steps to getting your research funded including creating a concept note and addressing research questions in a project proposal. Aimed at graduate students interested in global health research, this course is open to students of all disciplines interested in practical methods for research.

What you will learn

  • How to develop an idea for a research project in a low-resource setting
  • How to develop a research question, prepare a concept note, and get your project funded
  • How to manage personnel in the field
  • How do deal with complex cultural situations and unexpected problems
  • How to create a sampling strategy

Topics include

  • The key components of a global health research project
  • The skills required of global health researchers
  • Ethical conduct with human subjects

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