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How can you tell the difference between disruption, incremental change, or a fad? How can you drive disruption and defend your space? This course will examine the meaning, evolution, and impact of disruption by exploring disruption theory, innovation strategy, and human-centered design. You will gain the tools and techniques to drive innovation and protect your organization against industry disruption.

This on-demand course provides access to experiential and research-based content so you can immerse yourself in a topic that is highly relevant to your business challenges and context, bridge theory with practice, and make real-time impact in your organization.

What you will learn

  • How to develop your organization or team’s strategy as it relates to disruption
  • How disruption drives structural changes to industry
  • How innovation can create the potential for future disruption
  • Differences between durable initiatives and industry fads
  • What characteristics protect industry longevity and help defend against being disrupted

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