Leverage Diversity and Inclusion for Organizational Excellence


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Inclusion stimulates productivity and growth. Learn to recognize and remove barriers in order to design a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace. Leverage Diversity and Inclusion for Organizational Excellence will teach you to increase your talent pool, encourage diverse perspectives to drive individual and team performance, and eliminate impediments to create an inclusive workplace where employees feel that their endeavors are valued.

This on-demand online course offers you same-day access to experiential and research-based content so you can immerse yourself in a highly relevant topic to your business challenges and context, bridge theory with practice, and have real-time impact in your organization. Designed by and featuring Stanford's world-renowned tenured faculty, this course provides you with an engaging and flexible learning experience, without the application requirements or financial and time investment of a longer program.

What you will learn

  • Improve group and team performance by expanding the talent pool and leveraging different perspectives and skillsets.
  • Foster a culture of inclusion where employees feel respected and their perspectives and contributions valued.
  • Examine potential barriers to both diversity and inclusion and design solutions to overcome those obstacles.
  • Distinguish cultural myths from credible research in order to design and implement solutions that create diversity in the workplace and increase organizational performance.

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