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Learn how to diagnose and react to organizational dynamics, build power, and increase your influence to amplify your impact. There is a direct correlation between the understanding and mastery of power dynamics and personal and professional satisfaction and wellbeing. Discover the Paths to Power will build your power skills and teach you how to wield them — for maximum effect and impact.

This on-demand online course offers you same-day access to experiential and research-based content so you can immerse yourself in a highly relevant topic to your business challenges and context, bridge theory with practice, and make real-time impact in your organization.

Designed by and featuring Stanford's world-renowned tenured faculty, this course provides you with an engaging and flexible learning experience, without the application requirements or financial and time investment of a longer program.

What you will learn

  • Build and develop your power skills — and know when and how to use them.
  • Create, grow, and use social networks.
  • Develop your personal brand and reputation to elevate success.
  • Think about career moves in progression to control career direction.

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