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The Stanford EdLEADers Professional Certificate Program is designed to address the unique opportunities and challenges of school system leaders. Through a cohort-based, interactive and collaborative, 100% virtual experience, program participants will gain new insights and leadership skills to effect innovation and systemic improvement in their school districts. The program projects and assignments will provide participants with meaningful connections with their nationwide cohort of school system leaders.

The course is designed for education leaders with a minimum two years’ experience in a school system-level leadership role; for example:

  • superintendent or assistant superintendent;
  • director or other system-level education leader;
  • education professional who advises school-system leaders; or
  • county- or state-wide policy maker.

What you will learn

  • how to lead effective teams
  • new skills and insights in the areas of equity-related challenges
  • negotiation skills
  • how to successfully drive organizational change
  • how to improve the quality of teaching in your school system/district
  • to understand the dynamics of your school district/system


Accepted program applicants are invited to enroll by admissions committee.

Topics include

Program Includes 6 courses:

Leading for Equity - David Brazer

Leading for Opportunity - Janet Carlson, Tammy Wu Moriarty

Managing Organizational Systems - Walter “Woody” Powell

Leading Effective Teams - Brian Lowery

Mobilizing for Successful Change: A Toolkit - Hayagreeva Rao

Getting (More of) What You Want: Negotiating, Collaborative Problem-Solving, and Value-Claiming - Margaret Ann Neale


$15,000 includes all 6 courses.

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Delivery Option:
Online Course $15,000.00

School system-level leaders and other qualified applicants are admitted to the professional certificate program through an application process. Learn more and apply on the Stanford EdLEADers website.

This course may not currently be available to learners in some states and territories.