Performance Assessment in the NGSS Classroom: Course 1


Stanford Graduate School of Education


Are you from one of the numerous states and districts developing or adapting performance assessment to support and monitor NGSS learning? How do you know if the assessment will be effective in evaluating three-dimensional science learning? How do you know if it is supporting all students in showing what they know and can do? How do you know if it is accessible to all students, particularly English Language Learners, and if it is helping all students build their academic language?

Please join the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE) and the Stanford NGSS Assessment Project (SNAP) for a Science Performance Assessment Design Studio. We will introduce teams from states and districts to our rigorous performance assessment evaluation process and teams will use this process to revise a draft performance assessment using evidence from student work. Teams will also have time to plan how they will adapt or adopt this evaluation process.

We are inviting teams of 2-5 participants from each school or district to bring one draft science performance task with a sample of student data (at least 20 students). The draft might be one that your team developed or one that you are adapting for use in your school or district. If you are still looking for a task to adapt you can find some options on the SNAP website (

Teams may include district science supervisors, science teachers, instructional coaches, assessment specialists, TOSAs, experts in science teaching, language, equity, accessibility, curriculum, etc.

We will have the opportunity to learn from each other and from other experts in assessment, science education, science content, English Language Learners, and more. 

Instructors include: Jill Wertheim, Helen Quinn, Aneesha Badrinarayan, and many others

What you will learn

  • A rigorous process of analysis and revision of a performance task 
  • How to use student data to validate a task 
  • How to develop scoring guides 
  • About other groups that are engaging in similar work 


Participants should have a strong background with NGSS. Each team needs one draft NGSS performance task with sample student data (1 classroom).



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