Advanced MATLAB for Scientific Computing


Stanford School of Engineering



This course is designed to introduce students to advanced MATLAB features*, syntaxes, and toolboxes not traditionally found in introductory courses, using in-class examples, demos, and homework assignment involving topics from scientific computing. The MATLAB topics covered are advanced graphics (2D/3D plotting, graphics handles, publication quality graphics, animation), MATLAB tools (debugger, profiler), code optimization (vectorization, memory management), object-oriented programming, compiled MATLAB (MEX files and MATLAB coder), interfacing with external programs, toolboxes (optimization, parallel computing, symbolic math, PDEs). Scientific computing topics will include: numerical linear algebra, numerical optimization, ODEs, and PDEs.
You will learn:
    •    Advanced graphics and MATLAB tools
    •    Code optimization and object-oriented programming
    •    MATLAB interfacing with external programs
*Participants will acquire a MATLAB license for the duration of the course, courtesy of MathWorks.
Prerequisite(s): None
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