Advanced MATLAB for Scientific Computing


Stanford School of Engineering



If you have basic knowledge of MATLAB, you know that even its most rudimentary features provide a powerful tool for engineers and scientists in multiple domains, including electrical and mechanical engineering, machine learning, and aeronautics and astronautics.

In this course, you’ll discover MATLAB’s advanced features, syntaxes, and toolboxes. You’ll explore scientific computing topics such as numerical linear algebra, numerical optimization, and ordinary and partial differential equations. As a participant, you’ll receive a free MATLAB license for use throughout the course.

Learn how to:
    •    Use MATLAB’s advanced graphics to create publication-quality graphics
    •    Optimize your code using techniques for debugging and profiling
    •    Interface with external programs and tools
*Participants will acquire a MATLAB license for the duration of the course, courtesy of MathWorks.


002 Autumn 2018-19 Online, Open edX

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Dates:October 2 - December 7, 2018
Days: Sat
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