Introduction to Logic


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This course is an introduction to Logic from a computational perspective. It shows how to encode information in the form of logical sentences; it shows how to reason with information in this form; and it provides an overview of logic technology and its applications - in mathematics, science, engineering, business, law, and so forth.

Who Should Enroll

The course was originally designed for use at the college level. However, experience has shown that it works for secondary school students as well, and it can be used at the start of graduate school for those who have not yet seen the material. There are just two prerequisites. The course presumes that the student understands sets and set operations, such as union, intersection, and so forth. It also presumes that the student is comfortable with symbolic manipulation, as used, for example, in solving high-school algebra problems. Nothing else is required.


Michael Genesereth, Associate Professor of Computer Science


This course is free to audit on the Coursera platform. The cost per course to earn a certificate is $79.

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Instructors: Michael Genesereth
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Time Commitment

10 weeks of study, 4-8 hours/week

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Participants will receive a statement of accomplishment signed by the instructor. It will designate whether the participants met the requirements that demonstrate literacy in organizational analysis. Stanford University does not award certificates or other credentials for participants' work in this course.

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