Place-Based Storytelling


Stanford School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences



Place-Based Storytelling is a lively, informative guide to creating and telling engaging, multimedia stories about people and events at specific locations.  In this course, you’ll record, edit, and publish your own story using ShoMe, a platform for creating and sharing rich, interactive real-world journeys.  You’ll discover the tools necessary to bring your stories to life and connect them to specific physical locations, so that you can apply your knowledge to your continued journey as a storyteller.

What you will learn

  • Techniques for choosing a story to tell
  • Structures that add power to your story
  • Effective ways to use details, tension and surprise
  • Tactics for writing engaging scripts and audio recordings
  • Tips for selecting the right software and equipment for your project

A central component of this course is collaboration. You will work in teams to develop stories focused around a common theme within a particular area. Having an open-mind, collaborative spirit, and commitment to your team will be essential for developing your stories.

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