What Every Provider Should Know: High Risk Chief Complaints


Stanford School of Medicine



Physicians are expected to be calm, cool, and collected when confronted with undifferentiated, critically ill patients. The specialty of Emergency Medicine (EM) centers on rapidly sorting, assessing, and stabilizing undifferentiated patients regardless of the etiology of their condition. This course will teach healthcare providers the necessary skills to recognize and manage patients with life-threatening emergencies, with an emphasis on a methodical approach to patient evaluation and the importance of time-sensitive emergency interventions. The hands-on skills workshop focuses on essential emergency medicine skills (e.g., bag mask ventilation, needle thoracostomy), allowing course participants to practice these hands-on emergency techniques under the guidance of their instructors. Video discussions of the online cases with an expert clinician provide practical answers and insightful commentary. All course participants are administered pre- and post-tests to assess the efficacy of the program.

What you will learn

  • Methodological approach to patient evaluation and emergency interventions
  • Emergency medicine skills (e.g., bag mask ventilation, needle thoracostomy)
  • Address common medical myths

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