What Every Provider Should Know: Clinical Fundamentals


Stanford School of Medicine


Regardless of where physicians practice they are expected to be calm, cool, and collected when confronted with undifferentiated, critically ill patients. Medical education in most countries however, focuses on approaching patients in a methodical, time intensive manner. Although this approach can be effective for certain patients and settings, it can prove disastrous during those moments when time is of the essence. The specialty of Emergency Medicine (EM) centers on rapidly sorting, assessing, and stabilizing undifferentiated patients regardless of the etiology of their condition. Designed by educational leaders in the field of EM, this course is designed to teach healthcare providers the necessary skills to recognize and manage patients with life-threatening emergencies.

What you will learn

  • A systematic approach to evaluating and managing undifferentiated patients
  • Key differential diagnoses for common presenting complaints
  • How to efficiently interpret key diagnostic tests and studies such as ECGs and chest radiographs
  • Essential procedural skills
  • An introduction to differing medical conditions and approaches to treatment in both the US, as well as international healthcare systems

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