Locating and Using Medical Information in the Digital Age (CME)


Stanford School of Medicine

Health and Medicine:   Locating and Using Medical Information in the Digital Age


Given the proliferation of information and information tools, today’s practicing clinicians and nurses need to identify reliable medical information resources, effectively search those sources, and then manage the information that they find efficiently and appropriately. This course will have direct relevance and benefit to any health care provider who seeks efficient ways to apply the most recent evidence-based practices to their patients.

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the principles of evidence-based practices, and demonstrate advanced skills in information and image retrieval and copyright-compliant usage.
  • Identify and efficiently utilize key resources for searching and retrieving reliable, authoritative medical evidence, and employ tools to create a personalized system for keeping current with the growing medical knowledge base.
  • Identify barriers to the practice of evidence-based medicine, and utilize tools for searching, locating and managing different types of medical information (e.g., literature, data, patient education materials, images)
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