Foundations of Information Security


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Computer Security: Foundations of Information Security


Learn the foundational skills needed to build a successful cyber security career. In this course, Neil Daswani will show you how to achieve basic security objectives (such as authentication, authorization, access control, confidentiality, data integrity and non-repudiation) by using secure systems and design principles. You’ll learn about major security breaches that have occurred over the years (think Target, JPMorganChase, Yahoo, and Equifax) and how to build countermeasures to defend against such attacks.

You’ll hear from experts like Professor Dan Boneh, one of the world’s leading minds on applied cryptography, Vint Cerf, co-creator of the internet, and industry security leaders from Google, LinkedIn, and LifeLock.

* This course also features an interactive, virtual lab. In a controlled environment, you’ll be given an opportunity to identify flaws and manipulate systems. By understanding how these hacks are executed, you’ll be better equipped to defend against them.

What you will learn

  • Basic principles for designing secure systems
  • Methods to prevent and defend against common cyber security attacks like phishing, malware, third-party compromise, cross-site attacks, and code injection
  • How to set up password and cross domain security measures
  • Introductory concepts on the implementation of cryptography
  • How to build and grow an information security program

Exclusive Interviews

  • Vinte Cerf, Co-Father of the Internet, Google
  • Parisa Tabriz, Senior Engineering Director, Google
  • Mukul Khullar, Staff Security Engineer, LinkedIn
  • Dina Mathers, Senior Director of Information Security, LifeLock a Symantec Company
  • Mike Duff, Chief Information Security Officer, Stanford University

This course is approximately 12 hours of video content with 1.5 hours of coursework.


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