Constructive Classroom Conversations


Stanford Graduate School of Education



As an educator, you know that empowering students to have meaningful conversations with one another is critical to personal and academic success.  In this course, you’ll learn teaching methods that have been proven effective in promoting meaningful academic discussions for all students - including English Language Learners - who may need additional support in expressing higher level ideas. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the role of language in all content-areas and the tools to create a classroom culture of rich learning.

What you will learn

  • To enhance curriculum by guiding and facilitating meaningful classroom conversations in any grade or subject by:
    • Identifying key curriculum for students to learn and practice content mastery through conversation 
    • Assessing student-to-student conversations
    • Crafting, modeling, and recognizing effective prompts for conversation
    • Providing productive feedback to students 
    • Cultivating a culture of learning through conversation in your classroom 


Who Should Enroll:

Teachers, staff, instructional coaches, administrators, parents, or anyone interested in supporting students conversation skills.

This course has been designed for those who work with students, as assignments will require access to students to practice methods and techniques taught in this class.

Hybrid Model:

Research shows that when teachers participate in professional development as part of a group or team, their learning is enhanced through discussion and shared knowledge, just as students learn from each other in the classroom. Our blended model of professional development allows you to complete work online independently and interact with colleagues through group discussions. Make your PD more engaging and productive by organizing a group within your school or district. Get started now - request your group enrollment form and facilitation guide today


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