New Frontiers in Cancer Genomics


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New research shows that genetic variations continue to accrue throughout tumor development. Having the ability to conduct deep sequencing on the healthy and cancerous cells in a patient, at multiple stages of growth and treatment, has led to invaluable findings and new directions for analyses in the field.

This course explores the role of genomics in cancer diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Providing a greater view of mutations through tumor profiling, more targeted and personalized health care can be administered and positively impact disease outcomes. Discover the latest research advancing the study of cancer and the power of genomics in medical decision making.

This course is an elective course in the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate.

What you will learn

  • Assessments of hereditary risk through multi-gene panel screens
  • Classifications of cancers by genomic differences
  • Evolutions of cancer cells that cause treatment resistance
  • New technologies for non-invasive analyses
  • Spectrums and sub-types of cancer mutations



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