Prototyping: Fast and Frequent Testing of New Ideas


Stanford School of Engineering



Interested in other design thinking workshops in the Innovation at Work series?  Check out  "Ideation" and "Presentation".

Prototyping is not only for designers and engineers. In this session, you and your group will learn how to bring your ideas to life through a wide variety of low-resolution prototypes: from role-playing activities to storyboards, from a wall of post-its to a gadget made of materials you can find at your desk.

Why prototype?

  • To communicate, start a conversation with users
  • To fail quickly and cheaply
  • To test possibilities
  • To manage the solution-building process by breaking down a large problem into testable chunks

If you have completed the "Ideation" workshop, this workshop will expand on the techniques you learned and help you test the ideas you generated.

Once you've completed this workshop, get ready to practice techniques to amplify the "power messages" in presentations and create active audiences through the last workshop in the series - "Presentation".


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  • Register for the workshop:  Only 1 person needs to register for a group of up to 18 participants. This will give you 30-day access to all necessary materials and workshop videos.
  • Pick a date to hold the workshop: Reserve a space at your office and send out calendar invites to your colleagues. We recommend 4-18 participants for the best experience.
  • Review the Catalyst Preparation Worksheet: Prepare any necessary materials and printouts your group will need.
  • On the day of the workshop: Prep the workshop space, lay out materials, and project the workshop videos for you and your group to follow along.







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