The Power of Stories to Fuel Innovation


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A big idea is not enough. You need people to create it and people to buy into it. Your big idea needs a story. Stories fuel innovation. They hold the power to transform listeners; to take listeners on a journey that changes how they think, feel or act. This interactive online course covers the variety of roles a narrative can play, and its potential to transform an organization or new venture. Explore why story is at the heart of effective innovation and how story can be used to transform culture.

Learn How To

  • Understand the role story plays in business, specifically in innovation
    • Learn why stories are important in business and marketing. Explore the power of stories by examining a successful social media campaign to increase bone marrow registry.
  • Determine what makes a good (and bad) story
    • Learn the four-wing Dragonfly framework to tell a powerful story: single-focused goal, grab attention, engage, enable action.
  • Use and craft stories for internal and external stakeholders, to further your strategic advantage and spur innovation
    • Learn the importance of using personal stories effectively, how to build a collection of personal stories and brand/business stories, and techniques for teaching others how to tell stories.


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