Leadership for Sustainability


Stanford School of Engineering



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Today’s leaders face one certainty: they are operating in an environment of uncertainty. Consumption is increasing. Resources are dwindling. Delivering stakeholder value is an imperative, but so is factoring in the global challenges we collectively face. Every decision has the potential to enhance – or compromise – the well-being and security of future generations.

That’s why Stanford recognizes sustainability as an essential component of effective leadership in the 21st century. 

It is also why Stanford is launching a new executive program based on the highly successful weeklong program for the World Economic Forum, Leadership for Sustainability. In this 2.5-day program, you’ll learn the core mindsets, knowledge and skills leaders need to promote sustainability and resilience in today’s complex environment.

What you will learn

  • Navigate Complexity: Understand and learn strategies for identifying both risks and opportunities in today’s global environment.
  • Shift Perspectives: Evolve decision-making processes to include financial, social and environmental considerations.
  • Initiate Positive Change: Learn how transformation happens through incremental efforts and creative partnerships.

Return to your organization ready to: 

  • Set realistic sustainability business objectives
  • Implement concrete strategies to drive change within your organization
  • Align teams around sustainability goals
  • Shift organizational culture to encompass a long-term mindset
  • Employ systems thinking to identify broader, more effective solutions
  • Measure impact across a variety of dimensions that go beyond financial performance

 Who Should Enroll

  • Decision-makers in any industry who understand that today’s global challenges require new skills and ways of thinking.
  • Executives who understand that sustainability is becoming a universal business language. Whether you’re already fluent in the language of sustainability or ready to start learning, the only prerequisite is the desire to lead change.
  • Leaders who recognize the business and moral imperative to make sustainability an intrinsic part of their organizations.

Dates & Location
September 11 - 13, 2017
on Stanford campus

Want More Information?
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