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Stem Cell Therapeutics

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Course Description

Stem cells provide enormous potential for the field of regenerative medicine. Their ability to become any type of cell-blood, heart, brain, bones, skin, muscles, etc.-offers hope for effective treatments, or perhaps even reversal of, a disease.

This course will advance your understanding of cell-based therapies and show you what it is being done today to develop and deliver them. Discover new ways to restore organ and tissue function for the treatment of chronic diseases, genetic disorders and serious injuries. Get a glimpse inside the laboratory of medical researchers who are pioneering stem cell therapeutics.

This course is an elective course in the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate.

You Will Learn

  • Different sources of stem cells and how to identify them
  • Key components in the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing method
  • Methods for quantifying iPS cell engraftment
  • Practices for designing and generating human iPS cells


Chris Bjornson, Research Associate, Stanford University

Michele Calos, Professor of Genetics, Stanford University

Jane Lebkowski, President of Research and Development, Asterias

Matt Porteus, Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Cancer Biology), Stanford University

Soeren Turan, Instructor, Stanford University

Joseph Wu, Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular) and of Radiology, Stanford University

Additional Resources

*This certificate neither substitutes for, nor leads to, being board certified as a genetic counselor (ABGC) or clinical geneticist (ABMG)

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