XAPM110 - Converting Strategy into Action

Delivery: Online, At Work, On-Campus

Available: 1999 - 2017


This introductory course provides the conceptual framework for all of the other courses in the program, introducing proven approaches and emerging concepts for aligning an organization's project and program initiatives with its strategic objectives. Students will learn why traditional "project management as usual" practices don't work in today's complex, fast-paced business environments, and then acquire a comprehensive organizational mastery model that does. Students will emerge with a firm grasp of what it takes for an organization to be focused and successful with projects and programs that consistently execute business strategies.


Stephen Barley
Gideon Kunda
Raymond Levitt
Mark Morgan
John Warren
Tim Wasserman

Topics Include

  • Align project initiatives with strategic objectives
  • Select, prioritize, and manage a portfolio of projects in a product development or other fast-paced business environment
  • Complete projects faster, with more efficient resource deployment
  • Use new tools to support planning and execution, thereby shrinking time to market
  • Address "crisis mentality" and use time more effectively
  • Champion advanced project management with both co-located and virtual teams
  • Close the gap between knowing and doing
  • Customize a best-practices based organizational mastery model for direct application in your organization
  • Build a stronger project-based matrix organization that is capable of consistently high performance